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Recon Jet™ Smart Eyewear and Recon Jet Snow2™ heads-up display devices present you with real-time data during your fitness activities. Each fitness activity is called a trip. Recordings and data from trips transfer to your Engage account. This article describes how Recon heads-up devices collect and use data.

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Data Collected

Recon Jet™ Smart Eyewear and Recon Jet Snow2™ heads-up display devices may collect the following kinds of data:

  • Location (longitude, latitude, bearing)
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Jumps (supported only on Recon Snow2™ heads-up display devices)
    • Airtime
    • Height
    • Distance
    • Drop
  • Altitude
    • GPS altitude
    • Barometer pressure
  • Sensor data (supported only on Recon Jet™ Smart Eyewear)
    • Heart rate
    • Speed
    • Cadence
    • Power

Recon heads-up devices collect data to assist Engage with data processing. The types of data collected include: date, time, firmware version, and trip type.

When is your data collected?

A Recon heads-up device collects data as soon as the device receives a GPS fix. The device logs your time, when you choose to start, pause, or end a trip. When Engage processes your data, it ignores all data outside of trip start and end times.

How is data stored?

Recon heads-up devices store collected data, in a proprietary binary format. The device stores data on internal storage in the /ReconApps/TripData/ directory.

How is your data transferred/processed?

A Recon heads-up device transfers collected data and infers metrics, such as pace or calories burned. When the device connects to Engage, it sends data and metrics to that service. Transfers happen through either Recon’s Uplink* installed on a personal computer, or an Engage application installed on a mobile device.

User control

Recon's heads-up devices automatically record and store data in the device's storage memory. You can manually delete the trip data from a device. To manually delete, go to the /ReconApps/TripData/ directory and delete the contents. If you do not want your data transferred from a heads-up device to Engage, then you have two options:

  • Do not connect the device to Engage
  • Or, manually delete the data from the device before connecting it to Engage

Once you transfer data from a heads-up device to Engage, you can manage the data through your Engage account and privacy settings. For more information, see Engage Service - Data and Privacy.


The Recon Jet™ Smart Eyewear contains a Passcode Lock. Use the Passcode Lock to disable the USB connection and the heads-up display. Once enabled, the USB connection stops operating without the passcode.

Note: Recon Snow2™ heads-up display devices do not have a Passcode Lock.

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