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What is personal profile information?

Personal profile information includes:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Height and weight
  • Friends list
  • City
  • Email
  • Bio
Why do we have profile information?

Engage collects your profile information to provide personalized service. Your biographical data includes birth date, gender, height, and weight. The service calculates this data to provide accurate fitness metrics such as calories burned. Your city location serves are the default map area loaded on your Recon device. Other kinds of personal profile information provide:

  • Basic functionality such as email
  • Social features on Engage such as name and friends list
Where does profile information come from?

You provide your profile information either manually by registering for Engage, or by registering for Engage through Facebook.

Who sees profile information?

Other Engage users can view your profile information. Your viewable profile information includes your name, city, and profile picture. Viewable profile information allows users to search for friends.

What is Trip Data?

Trip data includes:

  • Location (longitude, latitude, bearing)
  • Elevation
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Calories burned
  • Photos and videos1
  • Jump events
  • Sensor data2
    • Heart rate
    • Speed
    • Cadence
    • Power

1 Photos and videos may be pulled from linked services such as Instagram and Facebook. You can upload your own photos and videos including photos and videos recorded on the Recon Jet™ Smart Eyewear.

2 Recon Snow2™ does not currently support sensors. Recon Jet Smart Eyewear supports a variety of sensors.

Why does Engage have trip data?

Engage works to process and display your fitness activity data. Each fitness activity is called a trip. Engage uses trip data to maintain a record of your fitness activities. This information allows Engage to provide performance metrics and overview statistics.

Where does trip data come from?

Recon's heads-up devices record trip data in real-time. Your trip data then uploads onto Engage. The service processes your trip data for the most accurate results.

For more information, see Recon™ Heads-Up Display Devices - Data and Privacy.

Who is trip data shared with?

Your friends and other people on Engage may be able to view your trip data. This visibility of your trip data depends on your trip and profile privacy settings.

What is Device Data?

Device data includes:

  • Software version
  • Serial number
  • Model
Why does Engage have device data?

Device data allows you to manage multiple Recon heads-up devices. Go to the Devices page on Engage to manage multiple devices. Engage delivers software updates with device data. The service synchs data from Uplink and mobile Engage applications.

Where does device data come from?

Your Engage account automatically collects device data from your Recon heads-up device.

Who is device data shared with?

Device data is available through your Engage account. To access this data, register your Recon heads-up device to your Engage account.

Account Settings

You can configure your Engage account settings. Only you can view your Engage account settings information. Account settings include:

  • Measurement units
  • Privacy settings
    • Trip privacy
    • Live tracking
Data Security

Engage uses industry standard security protocols (including encryption) to protect the security of data. SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) protocol protects the data transmitted to or from Engage.

Privacy Settings

Select appropriate preferences on your account to manage the way Engage discloses your data.

Select a default setting - either Public or Friends Only - for the privacy of your trip data. Once selected, this privacy applies to all new trips. The Public setting allows the public to view trip data without logging on to Engage. The Friends Only setting only allows friends logged on to Engage to view your trip data. As an Engage user, you can override the default setting and designate a trip as Private. The Private setting only allows you to view the trip data.

You can link your Engage account to any third-party services. Linking your account allows you to share data between Engage and third-party services. Engage does not share your data with third-party services unless you create a link to the service.

Data Retention

Manually remove your trip from your Engage account. When you remove a trip, it removes all related data and media (for example photos/videos, comments, cheers). However, certain anonymized information remains on Engage for internal Recon use. Recon uses the remaining anonymized data for administrative purposes.

Recon keeps your Engage profile information for as long as your Engage account stays active. Once you permanently delete your Engage account, it is irreversible. This deletion removes all data associated with the account, except for anonymized information retained by the Engage internal use by Recon.

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