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This article explains how information is shared between the Engage service and Twitter.

You can link your Twitter account to your Engage account. Once linked, you can share your sports activities (each activity is called a trip) in Engage to Twitter, using the Engage service share functionality. Each shared trip appears as a Twitter post (also known as a tweet).


If you link your Engage account to Twitter, then you can post (tweet) in Twitter using Engage.

Linking a Twitter account to an Engage account does not give the Engage account access to your Twitter account. Denied access includes your Twitter login information or other data from Twitter.

Data Sharing

If you link your Engage account to Twitter, then you can share your trips to Twitter. The sharing functionality in Engage service posts to Twitter. Posts include a link to your trip on the Engage service and other information and media about a trip.

The only data transmitted from the Engage service to Twitter are tweets about Engage trips as described above. The sharing functionality does not transfer any data from Twitter to the Engage service. Only a confirmation that tweets posted transfers to Engage from Twitter.


If you want your Twitter tweet to provide access to information about your Engage trip, set the trip as Public. The Public seating means that your trip is publicly accessible. At any time, you can change your privacy settings on trips to Friends Only or Private. The Friends Only setting provides access to your Engage friends only. For more information, see the Engage Service - Data and Privacy article.

Due to the technical linking requirements of the Twitter service, linking your Engage account to your Twitter account allows the Engage service to access to:

  • Tweets on your Twitter account
  • Identify persons followed by your Twitter account
  • Add new people to follow
  • Update your Twitter account profile
  • Post tweets on your Twitter account

Engage does not use any of the functionalities listed above, except to enable you to post tweets about your Engage trips (as described above).

Twitter’s terms of service and privacy policy governs all tweets posted to Twitter. Engage users must understand and comply with those terms of service and privacy policy.


Data transmits between the Engage service and Twitter using Twitter’s designated procedures. These procedures include the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.


You can cancel the link between the Engage account and your Twitter account at any time. To do cancel, use the functionality in the user’s Engage account settings. If you de-link your Engage and Twitter accounts, then you can no longer use the Engage service sharing functionality to tweet on Twitter.

De-linking does not affect previously posted tweets. To remove those tweets, you have to remove from within Twitter. At any time, you can re-establish the link between your Engage and Twitter accounts.