Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC)


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Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) is an enterprise, hybrid RAID solution, specifically designed for NVMe* SSDs connected directly to the CPU. Intel® VROC is made possible by the new CPU feature Intel® Volume Management Device, Intel® VMD, a new hardware architecture on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. Intel® VMD enhances the 48 preexisting PCIe* lanes for dependable NVMe connections. Intel® VROC capitalizes on Intel® VMD for a simpler RAID solution that requires no additional hardware. It provides compelling RAID performance that unleashes the full potential of NVMe drives.


Key Benefits

  • Use NVMe drives to their full potential
  • Fewer hardware queues
  • Bootable RAID
  • Host Insert/Surprise removal
  • Closes RAID 5 write hole
  • LED Management
  • Cost-effective and simple


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