How to Resolve Slowness on the PIN Server


Install & Setup



What is causing the slowness?
The Enterprise Server manages allocation of pins and looking up pins to connect to rooms. As a security feature, the rate at which you can request pins and query pins from the database is limited with an exponential back off algorithm. This back-off mechanism tracks the attempts based on your IP address and the number of attempts.

Production servers may use load balancers to help manage the load and maintain redundancy in the environment. The load balancers redirect traffic to the appropriate web servers. So the web server may appear to be receiving all requests from the same IP address therefore triggering the back-off algorithms.

How to fix it
The database contains a stored procedure (spGetPinBackoffTime) that returns the calculated delay in seconds back to the web server. You can disable this functionality so that the stored procedure always returns 0. Disabling this functionality disables the security back off algorithm.

Refer to the "Appendix D. Intel Unite® Solution – Load Balancer" section to see how to work around the PIN back-off mechanism behind load balancer/proxy.

If you are behind a load balancer, make sure the SQL stored procedure dbo.spGetPinBackoffTime always returns a 0.

  1. Alter the stored procedure dbo.spGetPinBackoffTime. You can comment out everything and use “select 0” at the end.
  2. Execute the script.
If you are not behind a load balancer, make sure that the stored procedure is left as the default.

stored procedure dbo.spGetPinBackoffTime