Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready Motherboards





For a system to support system acceleration with Intel® Optane™ memory, specific support is required in the system BIOS.

Motherboards and systems that are enabled with this support will be listed as Intel® Optane™ memory ready.

See below for some options

  • Platforms that support Intel® Optane™ memory and are 'Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready' are those that contain the proper software support in the BIOS and the the proper hardware support for the module.  This can be checked by reviewing the product specs from your system/board manufacturer's website, or by contacting them directly.
  • Inclusion on the hardware list or referenced here isn't an endorsement by Intel.
  • Not every available configuration has been tested.
  • We make no claims about hardware components not on the list.
  • Some of the motherboards referenced were available before the launch of Intel® Optane™ memory. Your system BIOS may require an update for proper system acceleration support. Work with your motherboard vendor to acquire the proper version and steps to update.

Where to buy

Some Intel® Optane™ memory ready motherboards are available for reference. If you're looking for an Intel® Optane™ memory ready system, you can find some options.

More options may be found at your local retailer or OEM website.

The vendors listed below certify Intel® Optane™ memory ready motherboards. The software and hardware are compatible for system acceleration with an Intel® Optane™ memory module.

Support sites:

For specific laptop compatibility, work with your laptop vendor. A system BIOS update may be necessary to support system acceleration. Steps to update the system BIOS are vendor-specific. Follow guidance provided by your motherboard support and user manual. Confirm with your motherboard vendor.

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