When No Zoom Factor is Recommended





What gives you an ideal screen resolution?
Some combinations of screen size and screen resolution don't provide a good experience when you use them in a living room environment.

As a general rule, text needs to be at least one inch high at a 10-foot distance to be easily readable. For a given screen resolution, this rule establishes upper and lower limits to screen sizes for use in a living room environment.

Which factors cause unwanted screen effects?
Suppose your screen is just under 35 inches. Zooming in the display to increase the text size causes too much content to be pushed off the screen. It's like looking at a painting through binoculars that can only see a portion of the painting. Webpages and many applications require too much scrolling to see everything.

For larger screens with lower resolutions below about 768 vertical pixels, the text may be large enough to read, but the image is grainy or pixelated. As the resolution increases to 1080p, 4k, and beyond, the display size you can achieve before it becomes grainy increases.

Intel® Display Optimizer helps you find the optimum zoom factor
Even if no zoom factor is recommended, you can still use the Intel® Display Optimizer to find the zoom factor that best fits your situation.