Specifications for the Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone


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Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone Specifications

Name Measurement
Drone dimensions – hub-to-hub (diagonal) 360 mm
Drone height – from the base to the top of a GPS antenna 222 mm
Propeller – length 230 mm
Weight of drone – basic configuration without battery 865 g
Gross weight (maximum) – takeoff weight 1900 g3
Flight time (maximum) – with 4S, 4000mAh battery, hovering, no added payload 20 min3
Sustained wind (maximum) 15 knots3
Control distance (maximum) – with supplied remote control 300 m3
Airspeed (maximum) 15 m/s3
Altitude of operation (maximum) – height above sea level 5000 m3
Outside air temperature (minimum/maximum) -0 C / +45 C
ESC and motor – designed and manufactured by Yuneec


  • Input control interface
  • ESC input voltage
Modified for Intel® Aero


  • UART
  • 11.1 – 14.8 V
  • The Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone is a kit for developers. Developers can modify the kit according to their professional judgment. Intel hasn't established operating limitations for the kit. We haven’t tested any configurations other than the base configuration. Developers are responsible for testing and ensuring the safety of their own configurations. Developers are also responsible for establishing the operating limits of those configurations.
  • Recommended battery:
    • Capacity: 4S or 3S
    • Connector: XT60
    • Size: most 4S/3S batteries fit (the maximum battery size is 150mm x 50mm x 32mm)
    • Note that a 4000 mAh battery last about 24 minutes while hovering