Removing the Intel® Joule™ Compute Module from the Expansion Board


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Removing the Intel® Joule™ Compute Module from the Expansion Board

These steps outline how to separate the module from the expansion board. While other methods do exist, using the 3D printable tool is recommended.

3D Print Module Separation Tool (ZIP)
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Date: January 2017
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  1. Download and create the module separation tool using the attached STL file. This file is shared under the included Creative Commons Attribution 3.0* (unported) License.


  2. Disassemble the platform
    • Remove the reference fan mounting block, if attached


    • Remove the heatsink and all related components.


  3. Protect the wireless antenna connections:
    • It's recommended to leave the wireless antennas attached to the module to reduce wear on the precision connectors.
    • Secure attached antenna to the module and confirm the antenna wires are free to move as needed.
  4. Insert the small end feature of the removal tool under the corner-edge of the module, between the module and the expansion board as shown while using care to ensue the tool is not resting upon any electronic devices.

    Insert the tool between module and board

  5. Gently rotate the tool along the round edge, lifting the module from the expansion board until the board to board connectors are fully disengaged.

    Rotate tool to seperate module from board

  6. Lift the module off the expansion board

    Lift module off expansion board

Note The board to board connectors are rated at 30 maximum cycles; carefully inspect the connectors before reinstalling the module.