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The following videos are tutorials for Intel Unite®.

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Intel Unite® Admin Portal - Overview
Access the Admin Web Portal for the first time. Learn about the Admin Web Portal capabilities, and go on a tour through the Admin Portal. (3:37)


Intel Unite® Admin Portal - Hub Screen Customization
Learn how you can customize the hub screen for your Intel Unite® solution. This video includes a demo on how to change default values, such as pin size, the message displayed, and background URL and colors. Also learn how to create a simple configuration profile for your hub. (8:34)


Intel Unite® Admin Portal - Hub Configuration Profiles
Learn about available features for creating hub configuration profiles. Gain a better understanding of features like allow file transfer and audio/video streaming support. Learn how you can verify plugin certificate hashes. This video includes a demo on how to install and configure a profile with the Plugin for Guest Access. (6:34)


Intel Unite® Admin Portal - Hub Device Groups
Learn how you can create a group for your hub devices for easy monitoring regardless of their configuration profile. This video includes a demo on how to create a device group named Building 1 by assigning selected hubs. (2:57)


Intel Unite® Admin Portal - Alerting and monitoring
Learn how you can monitor your hub devices. The video includes a demo on how to set up the alerting and monitoring functionality. Learn how to use email notifications to meet your organizational needs. (4:14)


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