How Can I Submit a Letter of Recommendation with My Job Application?


Product Information & Documentation



To build a complete candidate profile, you can attach up to five documents (up to 500 KB each), including such items as:

  • Resume or curriculum vitae (CV) in your local language
  • Cover letters
  • Transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Certifications or awards

Choose which of your five documents to attach at the time you submit your application.

To make changes

If you need to make changes to your active submissions, log in to your profile and select the My Jobpage tab. Under the Candidate Profile section (normally on the right), select Access My Profile. To modify specific information in a document, choose Attachments.

Add attachments

You can add new attachments, or replace existing attachments. To replace attachments, delete the current attachment and add an updated version. You can also upload new document with the same name. The supported file formats are htm, html, doc, pdf, rtf, and txt. The file names must be unique, or the previous file will be overwritten. If you do overwrite a file, it updates the attachments in the jobs for which you've previously applied.