How to Order an Intel Sticker for Computer or Laptop


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The Intel Inside® logo label is provided inside each Intel® Boxed Processor at the time of purchase. The "peel-off and apply" label is adhered to the backside of the Warranty Booklet. 

For individuals, we require proof of ownership of a system with an Intel microprocessor before we mail out a replacement label. Proof of ownership or purchase can be an invoice, packing list, etc.  If you don’t have proof available you can download the Intel® System Support Utility and upload a screenshot of the tool results.

To request a new label, fill out The Intel® Processor Label Replacement Request Form.  

If you prefer, you can also mail your request to:  

National Mailing Services, Inc.
535 Brennan Street
San Jose, CA 95131

Note Before submitting your request, check the installation instructions included with your retail purchase. You can typically find the sticker on the backside of this document.
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