Request to Remove Profile from Resume Database

Last Reviewed: 20-Jun-2017
Article ID: 000015014

If you would like your profile removed from our resume database, send an email request to: We process requests in one of two ways: 

  1. We completely delete your profile as requested if:
    • You didn't apply for a specific job.
    • We didn’t match you to an open position.
  2. We retain your profile for three years, if:
    • You applied for a specific job.
    • Intel matched you to an open position where you met the basic qualifications. After that period, we will purge it from the database. In the meantime, specify in the comment section of your profile that you don’t want to be contacted.

We adhere to legal and government data retention policies and audit requirements. For this reason, Intel Corporation must retain application and candidate data for specific periods of time.

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