Tested Memory List for Intel® Storage System SSR212MA





The Intel® Storage System SSR212MA is capable of supporting DDR2-400 memory technologies.

Industry naming conventions for equivalent memory technologies include the following:

  • DDR2400 = PC2-3200
  • The following maximum memory capacities are supported based on the number of DIMM slots provided and maximum supported memory loads by the chipset:
    • 16GB maximum capacity for DDR2-400.
      Note Because of OS limitations, 4GB is the maximum recommended capacity.
  • The minimum memory supported with the system running in single channel memory mode is:
    • 256MB for DDR2-400.
  • Supported DIMM capacities are as follows:
    • DDR2-400 Memory DIMM sizes include: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB.
Note Intel does not test, recommend, or support mixing of memory types within the same server system. Functionality issues may occur if mixed memory types are installed in the same server system. Intel recommends that memory modules of identical size, type, banking and stacking technology, and vendor are installed in each server system. Intel will not provide support for issues encountered when mixed memory configurations are in use.

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