Chassis Compatibility for the Intel® Server Board S2400GP Family





Below are the Tested Intel® Server Chassis List and the Reference Chassis List for the Intel® Server Board S2400GP Family.

Tested Intel® Server Chassis list

These chassis are compatible with multiple server board SKUs. The specific air duct for the server board needs to be ordered separately.

Product code

Reference chassis list

Third-party chassis tested for airflow against manufacturer temperature specifications for the Intel® Server Board S2400GP Family. The table is updated as new chassis are tested.

Vendor Model Chassis Type Power Supply1 Unpackage Shock Test Thermal Test Level2 Driver Support3 Note
Chenbro SR112 Pedestal Single Pass with 25G 1 A and B  
Chenbro SR105 Pedestal Single Pass with 25G 1 A and B  
Chenbro RM235 Rack/2U H/S Pass with 25G 1 A and B  
Chenbro RM413 Rack/4U H/S Pass with 25G 1 A and B  
In-win PV689 Pedestal Single Pass with 25G 1 A and B  

1 R/D = Redundant, H/S = Hot Swap Redundant

2 Intel does system level thermal testing of Intel® Server Board for all third-party reference chassis listed. Refers to the highest level of testing that successfully completed Intel's thermal testing. The server board is configured to use a generic fan control scheme that works all attached system fans at 100 percent pulse width modulation (PWM). The generic fan control scheme is set by selecting the other chassis option using the FRUSDR Configuration Utility. Intel cannot guarantee that specific system configurations remain inside maximum thermal limits if the user changes or reduces the fan control PWM rate from the tested configuration.

3 A = Docking SAS, B = Docking SATA

Important information and disclaimers

The testing information is provided as a guide for the reseller in choosing chassis products that are compatible with the Intel® Server Board. The reseller is encouraged to test the chassis products in specific configurations.

This listing is not intended to be all inclusive, nor is it an endorsement by Intel; it only represents chassis Intel has examined to date. Check with the chassis manufacturer for the latest model specifications, or to make sure a particular chassis model is adequate for the intended purposes. This list is subject to change at any time. Check this web site regularly for updates. Intel reserves the right to modify this document at any time without notice. Intel assumes no responsibility for any errors which may appear in this document, nor does it make any commitment to update the information contained in it. Intel disclaims any liability or obligation for damages of any kind arising out of the application or use of the information contained in this document.

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