SCSI Backplane Missing Resistors at R7N8 and R7N9


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Intel has identified a factory excursion with the SCSI backplane used in the Intel® Server Chassis SR2400. During the last ECO to the SCSI backplane, two resistors at locations R7N8 and R7N9 were inadvertently removed from the SCSI backplane board—part number C53575-405. The missing resistors may result in the failure of the hard drive fault LED to illuminating when the system is in a RAID configuration and a hard drive failure occurs. This issue may also result in a failure of the backplane Hot Swap Controller firmware update process.

This issue will NOT cause data-corruption or data-loss. All SCSI backplanes with the part number ending in -404 revision or earlier revision, are NOT affected by this issue.

Your system will not be impacted if:

  • You are running in a non-RAID configuration
Your system may be impacted if:
  • You are running in a RAID configuration. The issue can be mitigated if you are running Server Management software configured to report hard drive failures through the operating system.

Intel has corrected this issue and has implemented a change to all the affected products to include resistors at location R7N8 and R7N9. Reference Product Change Notification (PCN) 106558-00 for product change details.

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Date: July 2006
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