Power Supply Module Diode Issue for the Intel® Server Chassis SC5200 Family





Intel® Server Chassis SC5200 Family 450-watt base redundant power (BRP) supply modules (Intel part number C20013-XXX) have the potential to fail during sustained, powered-on operation due to a diode failure in the power supply module.

If a diode failure occurs, systems operating in a non-redundant power supply configuration (only one power supply module installed in the power supply cage) may experience an immediate system power down. Systems operating in a redundant power supply configuration will continue normal operation, and the power supply module failure will be indicated by the power supply and system front panel status LEDs, and Intel® Server Management software.

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This technical advisory provides corrective action/resolution information related to a failure of the diode that may occur due to inherent defects in the base material (substrate) used to fabricate the diode.

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Date: November 20, 2003
Revision: TA-0673-3

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