TA-975: Hard Drive Interference Issue Observed in Intel® Server System R1304BTLSHBN


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Intel has discovered a potential hard drive interference issue in the Intel® Server System R1304BTLSHBN when using maximum height hard drives (greater than 25.9mm). The issue observed exhibits the following symptom: hard drives that exceed the 25.9mm chassis limitation can be difficult to install and remove.

The issue has been root caused to a chassis/hard drive interaction where the hard drives exceed the maximum allowable chassis hard drive space. Most hard drives are within this limitation, only a few hard drives (for example: Seagate Constellation* ES ST32000644NS) exceed this chassis height limitation. All the hard drives compatible with Intel® Server System R1304BTLSHBN which are listed in the Server Configurator Tool are within the 25.9mm height limitation and will not have this interference issue.

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Date: May 2011

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