Windows Server 2003* Cannot Generate Dump Files for Intel® Integrated RAID Modules and Intel® RAID Controllers


Install & Setup



What am I seeing?

For Intel® RAID Controllers or Intel® RAID Modules using the Intel® RAID Software stack 3, under Windows Server 2003*: If driver version 5.x or later is installed, Windows Server 2003 cannot generate dump files.

On system boot, these errors are logged in the Windows Event Log:

Event ID: 45
Source: Ftdisk
The system could not successfully load the crash dump driver.

Event ID: 49
Source: Ftdisk
Configuring the Page file for crash dump failed. Make sure there is a page file on the boot partition, and that it is large enough to contain all physical memory.

Why am I seeing it?

With the release of the ir3 driver v5.x for Windows Server 2003, the driver changed from a SCSI Port driver to a Storport driver.

How to fix it

Visit the Microsoft site for support.