Baseboard Temperature May Exceed Upper Threshold Value for Boards and Kits


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Intel® Server Manager 8.40 may report Baseboard temperature sensor events due to an inappropriate threshold value.

The Intel Server Manager 8.40 installation contains incorrect registry files for the appropriate maximum temperature threshold value for the temperature sensor located between memory slots 1B and 2A. As a result, Intel Server Manager 8.40 may trigger an upper temperature critical event for this temperature sensor shown as one of the two Baseboard temperature sensors.

The registry files for the effected server boards have been updated for Intel Server Manager 8.40. The new registry files are available on Refer to below PDF file for details.

Technical Advisory TA-810-1 PDF icon
File name: TA-810-1.pdf
Size: 23,036 bytes
Date: July 2006
Revision: 1.0

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