Configuring Wake On LAN on Intel® Modular Server MFSYS25


Install & Setup



To configure wake on LAN to wake any compute module in the Intel® Modular Server from S5 (power off) state—whether the system has lost power or whether it was shut down gracefully from a Windows* operating system—the following settings need to be enabled:


Ensure that the option ROMs for both onboard network controllers are enabled. These are to be found under PCI configuration in the BIOS of the individual compute modules.


LAN drivers

The following advanced settings must be changed by right clicking on the properties of the two LAN on motherboard controllers in Windows* Device Manager:

Enable PME—this must be changed from OS controlled (default) to Enabled.

enable PME

Wake on settings—configure the wake on settings to Magic Packet.

wake on settings

To enable wake on LAN from S3 state (standby), ensure Wake on Magic Packet is selected under the Power Management tab of the LAN driver.

wake on LAN from S3 state