Learn How to Add Hard Disk Drives to Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200





When using hard disk drives that are not new, the drives may contain a boot sector on the disks making them bootable hard disk drives. The Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E BIOS may try to boot the the hard disk drives, preventing a clean boot.

Symptoms may include boot hang with a constant blinking status LED.

While new hard disk drives are recommended, you can add hard disk drives from other systems, provided all the following criteria are met:

  1. Must be listed in the current SS4200-E Tested Hardware and Operating Systems List
  2. Must be a known good functional hard disk drive
    • Check with drive manufacturer for utilities for testing hard drive drive integrity.
  3. Must NOT be bootable (must contain no data and wiped clean)
    • Check with drive manufacturer for utilities to remove existing data from the hard disk drive.
  4. If only two hard disk drives are installed, they must be installed in locations 1 and 2.