Loss of System Access Recovery Script for Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E


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Notice: Intel has announced the end of interactive support (EOIS) for the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E effective October 22, 2012. Intel will not provide interactive support for this product via telephone, e-mail, chat, or other tools after the effective date.

Customer action recommended: Customers should update to firmware version 1.3 or later to eliminate the system shutdown corruption of files in the root file system.

Background: In 2006, a system issue was discovered that could lead to customer data being inaccessible (though not lost). The cause was corruption of files in the root file system during a system shutdown. Firmware version 1.3 was released in 2006 to address this issue. Intel recommended all customer systems be upgraded to this new release of the firmware through Technical Advisory 847, December 2006.

Situations can also arise from disk hardware issues such as bad sectors, causing corruption of files in the root file system. As installed disks get older, more disk hardware issues may occur, which can seem like the TA-847 loss of system access issue.

Recovery script: Intel is making a loss of system access recovery script and recovery script use instructions available to support customers and end users if a loss of system access issue occurs due to disk hardware issues or firmware that has not been updated per TA-847. This software is provided royalty free “as is” with no warranty whatsoever, including any warranty of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or any warranty otherwise arising out of any proposal, specification, or sample; it is strictly for the convenience of Intel customers. Customers use this script at their own risk. Intel will provide no support for script use. Intel provides no guarantee that executing the script will result in data recovery.

The recovery script utility and instructions can be downloaded from Intel® Download Center by searching for SS4000-E in the search box.

The recovery script only supports Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E firmware versions up to version 1.3 (BCFv13b524). Firmware revision 1.4 is not supported by this recovery script because the capacity in the storage system is divided into multiple partitions that are not supported for recovery. If the recovery script does not repair a loss of system access condition, the issue is beyond recovery. The customer will need to restore data from a tested backup.