SuSE* Linux Enterprise Server Unable to Boot After Basic Installation


Install & Setup



During SuSE* Linux Enterprise Server installation, if a USB floppy drive is used to load mass storage driver, SuSE* Linux Enterprise Server may not able to boot after basic installation.

The following message appears:

resume device /dev/sdb1 not found (ignoring)
waiting for device /dev/sdb2 to appear..............................not found -- exiting to /bin/sh

This is because during installation, the USB floppy device was recognized as sda, and the mass storage was recognized as sdb. After reboot, mass storage is now recognized as sda, but SuSE* Linux still tries to load system files from sdb. To solve this issue, the grub menu list file and the fstab file needs to be modified.

At $ prompt, type the following command to mount file system on mass storage:

mount /dev/sda2 /tmp
  1. Edit the grub menu list file to change all entries with sdb to sda:

/tmp/bin/vi /tmp/boot/grub/menu.lst

  1. Next edit the fstab file to change all entries with sdb to sda and remove lines with floppy:

/tmp/bin/vi /tmp/etc/fstab

  1. Press Ctrl Alt Del to reboot the server. SuSE* Linux should be able to find root file system and continue installation.