Intel® Local Control Panel Technical Product Specification for Intel® Server Boards and Systems


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The Intel® Local Control Panel is an optional accessory that enhances the manageability of Intel® Server Boards. The Intel Local Control Panel provides a way to locally manage one of the listed Intel servers. Combined with an Intel® Management Module1, the Intel Local Control Panel allows a user to monitor the health of an Intel server platform or configure an Intel server for remote IPMI management. This allows for monitoring, configuration and control of the server, independently from the operating system.

1 For the Intel Local Control Panel to function properly, you will need an Intel® Management Module installed on your Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2 or SE7520BD2 or SE7520JR2. Other Intel® Server Boards is not affected by this requirement.

Technical Product Specification [PDF] icon
This document describes the architecture, firmware features, and hardware parameters of the Intel® Local Control Panel.

Date: August 2011
File Revision: 1.2

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