Intel® Pentium® Processor SU2700 Identified Incorrectly in the Intel® Processor Identification Utility


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Version 4.20 of the Intel® Processor Identification Utility inaccurately identifies the Intel® Pentium® Processor SU2700 as an Unknown Intel® processor.

The notes section of the Processor Identification Utility states:

The tested Intel® processor appears to be an engineering sample, not a production processor. The utility is designed to support production Intel® processors only. Sample processors are not warranted by Intel®, and are not intended for resale.

This issue is addressed in version 4.22 or newer of the utility.

Other processors affected include Intel® Pentium® Processors for Mobile, Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile Processors, and Mobile Intel® Celeron® Processors with the following processor numbers:

SU9600, SU9400, SU9300, SU7300, SU4100, and SU2300.