How to Find Your sSpec Number for Intel® Processors

Last Reviewed: 20-Sep-2017
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The Product Specifications and Comparisons tool is designed as a reference to help you look up technical specifications on your Intel® Processor. To find the information that you are looking for, it is helpful to know your sSpec number or processor number.

What is the sSpec?
The sSpec number is also known as the specification number and SL or SR code. You’re looking for a five character string like SL36W or SR00B. The characters are on the processor topside (see Figure 2) and used to identify the processor. They usually start with the SL or SR and followed by three alphanumeric characters. See Figure 1 below for an example of how to read your boxed processor label to find your sSpec number.

Do all processor numbers have the same sSpec?
The same processor number can have different sSpecs. When a processor stepping change occurs, a new sSpec generates for that stepping. The same stepping level can also have more than one sSpec associated with it.

Where can I find the sSpec?
Look at the markings on the processor top-side (see Figure 1), or on the label that came with your boxed processor (see Figure 2). The location may vary on the processor top-side and label, but generally, those two places are where the sSpec resides.

Figure 1: Finding the sSpec number on the boxed processor label

 sSpec number

Figure 2: Finding the sSpec number in the processor markings (two examples)

processor markings example 1

processor markings example 2

Note Currently the sSpec is located after the product code, these locations are subject to change. For the correct location for your specific processor, see the processor specification updates.
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