Support for Intel® Fabric Products


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Who do I contact for support?

You can request technical and warranty support (presales**, too) for Intel® Omni-Path Fabric products through email, our Web Portal, or by telephone for support representative assistance.


For details about stock availability and pricing information, refer to the closest reseller. For more information

Inside the US and Canada, dial: (800) 404-2284.

For other countries, add the AT&T Access Code as follows: AT&T Access Code + (once you hear the dial tone) (800) 404-2284.

For a list of the AT&T Access Codes, see the AT&T International Dialing Guide.

How do I open an Intel Customer Support request for an Intel® Fabric product I own?

Best methods to open Intel Customer Support requests:

  1. Open one case for each issue.
  2. Title/Subject must capture a concise summary of what problem is being seen:
    • Describe the main issue.
    • If Severity 1/Critical, add [Urgent] to the title.
  3. Description must provide sufficient detail to start analysis:
    • Provide detailed description and symptoms
      • How the system is misbehaving, error messages, and so on
      • What was done/being done leading up to this behavior
      • How was the system behaving prior to encountering this issue
      • Frequency of occurrence (always?, once?, some jobs?, and so on)
      • If support is in partnership with Dell*, HPE*, Lenovo*, DDN*, and so on, is there an OEM/vendor case opened? If so, provide the case #.
  4. Provide logs and/or captures (review instructions) from suspect hardware (HW), links, and so on.
  5. Indicate urgency:
    • Describe your assessment of the severity/criticality.
    • Include the business/project impact.
    • Provide the current state of the system/issue (back in production, partially usable, or problem no longer exists).