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Who do I contact for support?

You can request technical and warranty support (presales, too) for the Intel® True Scale Fabric or Intel® Omni-Path Fabric products through email, our Web Portal, or by telephone for support representative assistance.

Inside the US and Canada, dial: (800) 404-2284.

For other countries, add the AT&T Access Code as follows: AT&T Access Code + (once you hear the dial tone) (800) 404-2284.

For a list of the AT&T Access Codes, see the AT&T International Dialing Guide.

How do I open an Intel Customer Support request for an Intel® Fabric product I own?

Best methods to open Intel Customer Support requests:

  1. Open one case for each issue.
  2. Title/Subject must capture a concise summary of what problem is being seen:
    • Describe the main issue.
    • If Severity 1/Critical, add [Urgent] to the title.
  3. Description must provide sufficient detail to start analysis:
    • Provide detailed description and symptoms
      • How the system is misbehaving, error messages, and so on
      • What was done/being done leading up to this behavior
      • How was the system behaving prior to encountering this issue
      • Frequency of occurrence (always?, once?, some jobs?, and so on)
      • If support is in partnership with Dell*, HPE*, Lenovo*, DDN*, and so on, is there an OEM/vendor case opened? If so, provide the case #.
  4. Provide logs and/or captures (review instructions) from suspect hardware (HW), links, and so on.
  5. Indicate urgency:
    • Describe your assessment of the severity/criticality.
    • Include the business/project impact.
    • Provide the current state of the system/issue (back in production, partially usable, or problem no longer exists).