Frequently Asked Questions About the Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25, MFSYS35, MFSYS25V2


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What is the MFSYS25V2?
The Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25V2 is the same chassis as the Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25 but also includes the new Management Module MFCMM2 and Midplane MFMIDPLANE2 (updated midplane). See FAQs about the Intel® Management Module MFCMM and MFCMM2


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Can I have failover compute modules? Operating systems that include clustering, such as Windows Server 2008*, have their own utilities for enabling and configuring failover clustering.
Can I remotely restart a modular server? Only the individual compute modules can be restarted remotely, not the whole chassis.
Where is the RAID structure and metadata stored? The RAID structure and metadata is stored on the hard disk drives. See the
FAQs about the Intel® Storage Controller AXXSCM3S.
What kind of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) should I use? Although we have not done formal testing, the UPS must support a 3720W load, and have four (4) NEMA 5-15 outlets. Ethernet/SNMP management is recommended.
Where do I set my power domains redundancy settings? Power domains are no longer needed with the system.
Is there a power distribution board? All components, including the power subsystem, plug directly into midplane.
Do the power supplies have a specific order? The power supplies do not need numbering, and the bays are independent. You can move a power supply module from one bay to another as a valid troubleshooting step.
Is there a firmware update for the power supply? The power supply does not have firmware.
What is a fan blank? A fan blank is an active fan used in place of a power supply.
Is there a single point of failure? How is failure mitigated? The compute management module (CMM) is the only non-redundant component. The system is designed to run regardless of the state of the CMM.
If I lose the CMM, do I lose my configuration? The configuration information is stored on a flash card on the midplane.
If the midplane fails, do I lose my configuration? You can move the flash card to your replacement midplane.
Is it possible to save and manually restore the configuration? The CMM configuration is automatically backed up at each firmware update. Click Restore Settings button
the management GUI for more information or see Cannot log in to the CMM. Use the optional Advanced Management Pack MFSADVMGMT to export a configuration for offsite storage, or for importing to another chassis.
Can two units share resources? You cannot share resources between different chassis. You can share virtual drives among multiple compute modules with the shared LUN feature. How do I activate the shared LUN feature?
Which serial ports on the switch, SCM and CMM modules do I log in to? The serial ports are for engineering and manufacturing use only.
How much does a fully loaded system weigh? A fully loaded system weighs about 187 pounds.
Where can I purchase an Intel® Modular Server System? The last order date was November 01, 2013.
Does Microsoft Internet Explorer 8* work with the GUI and the CMM? The GUI and the CMM support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla* Firefox 3. Check the tested hardware and operating system list (THOL) for possible exceptions.