LVDS BIOS Setting Causes Multiple Displays in Intel® Graphics Control Panel





In order to facilitate integration of thin mini-ITX boards into All-in-One chassis, the LVDS is enabled by default in BIOS in the following circumstances:

Intel® Desktop Board BIOS version Board revision
DH61AG 0040 and later G23736-504 and later
DH61AGL 0011 and later (all versions) G71256-202 and later (all revisions)
DQ77KB 0036 and later (all versions) G40294-402 and later (all revisions)
DN2800MT 0158 and later G23738-802 and later

As a result, Windows* detects the LVDS display as a second “Built in Display” in Graphics Properties as shown in Figure 1. This detection happens even if an LVDS panel has not been connected.

Intel® Graphics Control Panel

Figure 1. Multiple displays screen

To resolve this issue, disable LVDS in BIOS:

  1. During boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2.
  2. Go to Configuration > Video.
  3. Set IGD Flat Panel to Disable.
  4. Press F10 to save and exit BIOS setup.