Fog Support in Direct3D* Games





What am I seeing?

  • Error: No Fog Table
  • Direct3D* game appears to be missing textures or other objects
  • Large areas of the screen appear as a solid color

Why is it happening?
Pixel fog (fog table) support requires version 6.4 or later of the graphics drivers for the Intel® 810 and 815 Chipset families. Linear fog is supported, but not pixel fog (fog table).

How do I resolve it?
Use the latest Intel® Graphics Driver to correct this issue. Refer to the driver README file for installation instructions as needed.

The following steps can be used to eliminate or minimize the issue(s) reported with the game:

Download and install version 6.4 or later of the graphics drivers. Fog table emulation is automatically enabled in these graphics drivers.

Some games still may not work with fog enabled, so check the game options/settings screens to see if there is a way to disable fog if it causes textures to appear incorrectly or missing in games.


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