Identify Intel® Desktop Boards B2 and B3 Chipset Versions


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Intel has issued new MM numbers and product codes for all boards with the Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets based on B3 stepping. The new product codes have a B3 suffix added to the current product code.

The table below identifies Intel® Desktop Boards that have changed and shows the new product codes and board AA numbers that use the B3 stepping. Earlier revisions of the AA number use the B2 chipset.

Intel® Desktop Board SKU New Product Code New Board AA#
DQ67SW Single box BOXDQ67SWB3 G12527-304
10-pack BLKDQ67SWB3 G12527-304
DQ67OW Single box BOXDQ67OWB3 G12528-303
10-pack BLKDQ67OWB3 G12528-303
DQ67EP Single box BOXDQ67EPB3 G12529-303
10-pack BLKDQ67EPB3 G12529-303
DP67DE Single box BOXDP67DEB3 G10217-205
10-pack BLKDP67DEB3 G10217-205
DP67BG Single box BOXDP67BGB3 G10491-303
10-pack BLKDP67BGB3 G10491-303
DP67BA Single box BOXDP67BAB3 G10219-300
10-pack BLKDP67BAB3 G10219-300
DH67GD Single box BOXDH67GDB3 G10206-204
10-pack BLKDH67GDB3 G10206-204
DH67BL Single box BOXDH67BLB3 G10189-204
10-pack BLKDH67BLB3 G10189-204
DH67CL Single box BOXDH67CLB3 G10212-204
10-pack BLKDH67CLB3 G10212-204
DH67CF Single box BOXDH67CFB3 G10215-202
10-pack BLKDH67CFB3 G10215-202
DB65AL Single box BOXDB65ALB3 G12530-304
10-pack BLKDB65ALB3 G12530-304
DH61WW Single box BOXDH61WWB3 G23116-202
10-pack BLKDH61WWB3 G23116-202
DH61DL Single box BOXDH61DLB3 G14066-202
10-pack BLKDH61DLB3 G14066-202
DH61CR Single box BOXDH61CRB3 G14064-202
10-pack BLKDH61CRB3 G14064-202
DH61BE Single box BOXDH61BEB3 G14062-203
10-pack BLKDH61BEB3 G14062-203

Refer to B3_Labels.pdf to view images of the box and labels showing the new product codes.