Microsoft Windows* Server 2012 FAQ for Intel® Server Products





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Is my Intel® Server System compatible with Windows* Server 2012*?

See Windows Server 2012 Compatibility for more information.

Where can I find drivers for Windows Server 2012?
  1. Go to Download Center and select the product name of your Intel® Server System.
    Download Center
  2. Click Select an Operating System, and select Windows Server 2012 from the list.
How do I load RAID driver during Windows Server 2012 installation?
  1. Create a RAID volume using RAID BIOS configuration utility.

  2. Start Windows Server 2012 installation until this screen displays, and click Load Driver.
    Windows setup

  3. Click Browse.
    Windows setup and browse

  4. Select your USB key from the list and find the RAID driver in the sub-folder. Click OK.
    The RAID volume will be recognized, and you can continue with normal Windows Server 2012 installation.
    Browse folder

How do I load device driver after Windows Server 2012 is installed?

Microsoft Windows* Explorer works the same way and appears similar as previous versions of Microsoft Windows. For example, you can double-click an executable such as setup.exe to install the driver package.

  1. If there is no setup.exe in driver package, click the first icon in the task bar to open Windows Server 2012 Dash Board. Click Tools.
    Click tools

  2. Select Computer Management from drop-down list.
    Computer managment

  3. Select Device Manager to load driver for the device.
    Device Manager