Slow System Response with Windows Server 2008 R2* or Windows 7* and Embedded NIC Driver


Install & Setup



This issue only affects network controllers based on the 82575 or 82576 chipset. The technical product specification (TPS) of your board or system lists the network controller.

What am I seeing?

System responds slowly after successful Windows Server 2008 R2* or Windows 7* installation.

  • System login process is very slow.
  • Keyboard and mouse response are sluggish.
  • Task Manager shows high utilization for all CPU core processes.

In some cases, the operating system install is not successful. Go to step 3 below for a workaround.

When the ports are not electrically linked and the embedded driver is loaded, the DPC (Deferred Procedure Calls) rate steadily increases until the system slows and is unusable.

How to fix it

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Update the system board BIOS to the latest version. Go to Intel Download Center and search for your product name to find the correct BIOS file.
  2. Change the BIOS setting, BIOS > Advanced > PCI Configuration > PCI AER Support, to Disable before installing the operating system.
  3. Connect the network ports to a network, switch, or back to back (connect both ends of the network cable to different ports on the same computer) before the operating system loads the embedded NIC driver.
  4. After the operating system install completes, download the latest Network Drivers for Windows.