How to Redeem Your Warranty for Intel® Desktop Boards


Warranty & RMA



Before you contact Intel for warranty support, review the following troubleshooting tips and gather the necessary product information.

Troubleshoot first

The troubleshooting tips in the documents below can help resolve any issues you have with your Intel® Desktop Board.

Determine warranty provider

If troubleshooting results indicate that your desktop board is defective, make sure the board is still under warranty. Also, make sure that Intel is the correct source for warranty support. Intel sells desktop boards in retail stores and to computer manufacturers. Retail desktop boards are sold in clearly marked individual boxes and typically carry a 3-year warranty directly from Intel.

If you purchased a computer from a computer manufacturer such as HP, Dell, or Gateway, the manufacturer pre-installs the desktop board. Intel doesn't redeem warranties on these boards. You should contact your manufacturer for warranty details.

If you're not sure who to contact, get the desktop board identification using the instructions below and contact Intel. We can identify the proper source for warranty support.

Before you call

If your desktop board qualifies for warranty support directly from Intel, have the following information available to give to the support agent when you call.

  • The Altered Assembly (AA) number and serial number of the desktop board. See Desktop Board Identification section below.
  • Complete description of the symptoms or problem.
  • Troubleshooting steps you've performed. Intel might require extra steps before processing a warranty request.
  • Be prepared to provide proof-of-purchase as Intel might request this information before processing a warranty request.
  • Intel doesn't accept desktop boards returned due to physical damage from external causes. Intel reserves the right to: return the product to you at company expense with a letter of explanation; or send a letter of explanation to you that details the physical damage and advises that you're responsible for freight charges if you want the product returned. If you don't agree to pay the freight charges, or indicate that you don't want it returned, Intel holds the product for 30 days and then scraps it.

Desktop board identification

You can find the AA number and serial number in any of the following locations:

  • Barcode label on the board
  • Barcode label on the retail box
  • BIOS Setup, in the Main > Additional Information menu

    Barcode label on the board:
    barcode label on board

    Barcode label on the box:
    barcode label on box

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