Enable and Test Wake On LAN (WOL) in Windows* for Intel® Server Boards S5500 and S5520


Install & Setup



How do I enable WOL?

  1. Open the Device Manager, click Network adapters, right-click the Network Adapter to be WOL enabled, and click Properties.

  2. Click the Link Speed tab then verify installation of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and verify it is the latest version.

    Version location

  3. Click the Power Management tab and mark the Wake on Magic Packet from power off state check box. Note that other WOL options are available in this section.

    Power Management

How do I test WOL?

  1. Make a note of the MAC address, IP address, and Subnet Mask of the Network Adapter for which WOL was enabled.

    Network connections

    Network connection details

  2. Power the system off.

  3. On a remote Windows Server 2008* system that is on the same subnet of the system to Wake Up, run a WOL utility.

    The screenshot below shows the use of the Depicus* Wake On LAN GUI. Input the MAC Address, Internet Address (local address in this case), Subnet Mask, Send Options: Local Subnet, Port Number 7 (default port), and then click the Wake Me Up button. On the status bar at the bottom, it reads Magic Packet Sent To

    wake on lan

  4. Verify that the remote system powered on correctly.


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