AnalogInOutSerial Example for the Intel® Galileo Board


Install & Setup



This example uses a potentiometer as an input/output device to control the brightness of the LED. We used the code provided under the examples for Arduino* IDE 1.5.3.


  • Intel® Galileo Board
  • Breadboard
  • Potentiometer
  • Wires
  • One LED


  1. Using two wires, make the following breadboard-to-Intel Galileo Board connections:
    Breadboard Intel® Galileo Board
    Positive strip 5 V
    Negative strip GND

  2. Using the potentiometer and LED, make the following connections:
    Breadboard Intel Galileo Board Potentiometer LED
      Pin 9   Positive leg
    Negative strip     Negative leg
    Negative strip   Pin 1  
      A0 Pin 2  
    Positive strip   Pin 3  

  3. Connect the power supply and the USB to the USB Client Port on the Intel Galileo board.
  4. Open Arduino IDE.
  5. Click Tools > Board and select Intel Galileo.
  6. Click Tools > Serial Port and select the Com # that the Intel Galileo Board is connected to.
  7. Click File > Examples > 03.Analog and select AnalogInOutSerial.
  8. Click upload icon.


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