"WiFiWebServer" Example for Intel® Edison Board


Install & Setup



This example uses a potentiometer to input a value to A0 and prints the value of the potentiometer in an HTML browser. We are using the code provided under the examples for Arduino* IDE 1.5.3.


  • Intel® Edison compute module
  • Arduino* expansion board
  • Breadboard
  • Potentiometer
  • Wires


  1. Place the potentiometer on the breadboard, and make the following connections.
    Potentiometer Arduino expansion board
    Pin 1 GND
    Pin 2 A0
    Pin 3 5V

  2. Connect the power supply and the USB to USB port on the Arduino expansion board.
  3. Open Arduino IDE. Click Tools > Board and select Intel® Edison.
  4. Click Tools > Serial Port and select the Com # that the Intel® Edison Board is connected to.
  5. Click File > Examples > Wifi and select WiFiWebServer.
  6. Modify the code to your network name and network password.
  7. Click the upload icon.

Monitor the value of the potentiometer in the Serial Monitor. On a device connected to the same network, open a web browser, and go the IP Address printed in the serial monitor and observe the value.


WiFiWebServer example

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