SD Card Setup and Sketch Persistent for Intel® Galileo Boards


Install & Setup



The Intel® Galileo Board forgets sketch after powering down. Start your Intel Galileo Board from the SD card to resume the sketch after powering down.

Follow the steps below to set up your SD card, and start your Intel Galileo Board from the SD card.

  1. Connect the Intel Galileo Board and update the firmware.
  2. Download LINUX IMAGE FOR SD for Intel Galileo from Software Downloads - Drivers.
  3. Format the SD card to FAT32.
  4. Using WinZip, unzip the zip file to the SD card.

    The content of the SD should have the following files/folders at the root directory:

  5. Insert the SD card into the SD slot on the Intel Galileo Board.
  6. Connect the power supply and Micro USB to the Intel Galileo Board.
    Note The Intel® Galileo Board takes about 1–2 minutes to boot Linux* before the computer can detect it.

The Intel Galileo Board should now start from the SD card. To verify, upload the Blink example, and reboot the Intel Galileo Board. If the Blink example continues to run after booting, then you're booting from the SD card.