How to Enable Windows* Software Trace Logging Under Booting and S3–S5 States


Install & Setup



To capture Windows* Software Trace (WPP) log for USB 3.0 device under booting and S3–S5 operation, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the driver-installed folder and folder \Debug_Scripts.
  2. Open readme.txt for instructions on how to use script files.
  3. Open Command Prompt with Run as Administrator privileges and go to folder location in step one.
  4. Run Autologger_configure.reg; this step configures Autologger values in registry. Save file location and file name.
  5. Run Autologger_start.log; this step enables Autologger and starts capturing log.
  6. Reboot computer for settings to take effect.
  7. Connect your USB 3.0 device.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Run Autologger_stop.reg.
  10. Log file is saved as C:\IUSB3P.etl; these WPP log files are encoded and only Intel can decode.

This tool is more useful for troubleshooting USB 3.0 devices. For debugging an issue, use third-party tools.