How to Enable Bluetooth* for Intel® Galileo Boards


Install & Setup



Before you begin, you need an mPCIe* Wi-Fi card that also includes Bluetooth*.

Note Be aware that enabling Bluetooth* only works for Linux*. It's not compatible with Arduino* libraries.

To enable Bluetooth: 

  1. Start the Bluetooth Device:

    # hciconfig hci0 up

  2. Check the status:

    # hciconfig

    hci0: Type: BR/EDRBus: USB
    BD Address: B4:B6:76:8D:AB:07ACL MTU: 310:10SCO MTU: 64:8
    RX bytes:990 acl:0 sco:0 events:44 errors:0
    TX bytes:738 acl:0 sco:0 commands:44 errors:0
  3. Put the device in pairing mode and scan for devices to connect to:

    # hcitool scan

    Scanning ...
    78:59:5E:27:73:0A SPH-L900
  4. Edit the rfcomm configuration file:

    # vi /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

    # RFCOMM configuration file.
    rfcomm0 {
    # Automatically bind the device at startup
    bind no;
    # Bluetooth address of the device
    device 78:59:5E:27:73:0A;
    # RFCOMM channel for the connection
    channel 1;
    # Description of the connection
    comment "Note 2 connected on channel 3";
  5. Set up a device for connection with the following commands:

    # hciconfig hci0 pscan
    # hciconfig hci0 name "galileo"
    # hciconfig hci0 sppmode 1
    # bluetoothd