Gain Optimal Performance by Changes to SSD Physical Sector Size


Maintenance & Performance



These Intel® Solid State Drives support a 512 byte and 4096 byte (4K) physical sector size. Most operating systems provide optimal system performance when using the larger physical sector size.

The following firmware releases set the default to 4K, which is a change from the default setting of previous firmware versions.

Intel® SSD Data Center S3700 Series with Firmware 5DV10270
Intel® SSD Data Center S3500 Series with Firmware D2010370

Note Changing the physical sector size does not result in data loss, but Intel recommends that you back up data before this operation.

Instructions for changing the physical sector size

If your Intel Solid State Drives are set at the 512 byte physical sector size, you can change them to 4K. To change the physical sector size, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Download Center, click your operating system, and download and install the Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Tool.
    Intel® SSD Data Center Tool

  2. After installing the Data Center Tool for your operating system, enter the following command: isdct.exe show intelssd. This step identifies the drive or drives on your computer. Example: intelssd X (0, 1, 2, ).
    Enter isdct.exe show intelssd

  3. Enter the command to change the wanted Physical Sector Size:

    • To change Physical Sector Size to 4K type isdct.exe set -intelssd X physicalsectorsize=4096
      change to 4K type

    • To change Physical Sector Size to 512 (512e), type isdct.exe set -intelssd X physicalsectorsize=512