Flashing the Intel® Edison Board via Mac* (Wi-Fi)


Install & Setup



Prerequisite: You have successfully gone through the Getting Started Guide.

To get started, follow the specified steps for Mac*.

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Step 1 - Connect the Intel® Edison Board.

Connect two micro USB cables into the Arduino* board, and the other ends into your computer. Make sure the micro switch between the USB ports on the Arduino board is switched towards the micro USB ports.
Intel® Edison Board

Step 2 - Check for the latest version.
  1. Open up a new Terminal window.

  2. Type screen /dev/cu.usbserial and press Tab on your keyboard.
    Terminal window
    Terminal window

  3. Type 115200 -L and press Enter.
    Terminal window

  4. A black screen appears. Press Enter twice.
    Terminal window

  5. Type root and press Enter.

  6. If you have already configured your Intel® Edison Board then you might be prompted for a password. Enter the appropriate credentials and press Enter.
    Terminal window

  7. Type configure_edison --version and press Enter to see the version you are running.

  8. Type configure_edison --latest-version and press Enter to see the latest version available online.
    Terminal window

Step 3 - Download and install the latest version.
  1. If the latest version is a higher number than your version, upgrade to the latest image.

  2. To upgrade the image, type in configure_edison --upgrade and press Enter. You must have you Intel® Edison Board connected to WiFi.
    WARNING: This site erases everything on your Intel Edison Board including configuration settings.
    Terminal window

The latest image package downloads. When it is finished, the Intel Edison board reboots and goes through the flashing procedure.
Terminal window

Let this run until you see the following screen:
Terminal window

Because you have just flashed the image on the Intel Edison Board, any previous configuration settings (name, password, Wi-Fi networks) need to be configured again.

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