Information for the Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty

Last Reviewed: 11-Jan-2018
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Overview and order codes for the Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty (EW) program

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Is the extended warranty offered in all geographical locations?

The Extended Warranty (EW) is available anywhere the Intel standard warranty is available through qualified distributors. Each country’s standard terms and conditions apply.

What products are covered?

Intel offers EW for certain boards, systems, compute modules, RAID, and storage. The configuration guides for all products list the parts that are covered under EW. You can find configuration guides on the product support pages under the name Spares, Parts List, and Configuration Guide.

Which internal parts are covered?

All components listed in the selected entry in the Spares, Parts List, and Configuration Guide PDF for the given product.

What is not covered?

Third party add-in cards, memory, hard drives, processors, keyboards, video, mice, graphics cards, RAID backup batteries, optical drives, plastics, sheet metal parts, non-electrical parts, and parts specific to original equipment manufacturers (OEMS).

How do I have hardware replaced through the EW program?

You call your reseller, who diagnoses the issue. If the reseller determines that resolution requires a replacement part from Intel, the reseller contacts Intel Customer Support (ICS). ICS works with the reseller to diagnose and verify extended warranty eligibility. If covered, Intel sends a replacement part.

What are the current prices?

Contact your reseller for pricing.

When can I purchase an EW?

You must purchase it within 30 days of the hardware purchase.

How is coverage verified?

Coverage is verified against Intel’s registration database using the serial number from the:

  • Chassis, for a System EW
  • Motherboard, for a Board EW
  • Node tray, for a Compute Module EW
  • RAID product, for a RAID EW
Will the replacement product supplied by Intel be identical to the original product purchased?

You get an equivalent replacement; the same six-digit part number, although the dash level may differ.

Can the EW be transferred to a new Intel server?

The warranty is non-transferable.

If a product is returned and credit is issued, will the corresponding EW be credited or refunded also?

If the product and EW are eligible for credit, a credit is given to the distributor at the same time for both the product and the EW. Reseller and customer credits are managed by the distributor and reseller, respectively.

If the product is returned for replacement under the standard warranty, does replacing it affect the EW?

The serial number of the replacement product is transferred. The replacement product inherits the standard and EW eligibility dates.

Contact or call (408) 653-7684 for more information.

Where can I register my Activation Key(s)?

Go to the Entitlements page to register your Activation Key(s). In order to complete your registration, you need the hardware serial number of the product to which you want to link the warranty.

This article applies to:

Active Products

Intel® Server Board S2600V3KPF
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TP
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TPF
Intel® Server System SR800 Family
Intel® Server System R2600SR Family
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TP Family
Intel® Server Board S2600V3KP Family

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