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Warranty Definitions

What is the RMA number?

The return materials authorization (RMA) or order number is the reference number for your return. We include the RMA order number in the email confirmation sent to you. You must clearly label all returns with the RMA number so they are identifiable.

Standard warranty replacement (SWR)

This warranty service is available to all members of the Intel® Technology Provider Program and nonmembers.

  • Standard warranty replacement (SWR):
    • Intel will assist and provide a pre-paid e-label sent via e-mail or physically send printed return label/form to return the defective item to Intel.  These options vary and are limited by region.
    • We ship out a replacement part on receipt of the non-functional or defective product that is eligible for warranty service.
    • The SWR program is available 30 days after the purchase date. You should make any warranty replacement that is required inside 30 days of purchase through your Intel® Authorized Distributor. If your Intel Authorized Distributor isn't available, contact Intel directly.
    • You must return non-functional or defective parts inside 30 days of the replacement request, or the order will be cancelled.
    • The maximum allowable number of units for replacement at any given time under SWR is 20 for Intel® Technology Provider Program members, and 5 for non-members.
    Note Registered Intel Technology Provider Program members and non-members are eligible for SWR only. You can pay for cross-ship support; this service is offered only in the continental USA.

    The use of any shipping courier other than the one provided by Intel’s pre-paid e-label service will be at the customer’s expense and will not be reimbursed by Intel.

    Intel is not responsible or liable for product damaged, lost, or stolen in transit and before receipt at Intel’s warehouse.

    If you elect to use a shipping courier other than the one provided by Intel, we strongly recommend you use a traceable courier service and make note of the tracking number so you can track your shipment if necessary.

Advanced warranty replacement (AWR)

This limited premium warranty service is available only to eligible partners of the Intel® Technology Provider Program who meet the designated criteria.

AWR Terms:

  • AWR is a limited premium warranty benefit. This warranty is only available to eligible channel program members who purchase qualifying Intel® products sold through Intel Authorized Distributors in their region.
    • The purchase requirement to unlock the AWR benefit varies by region. AWR is only available to Gold and Platinum partners who meet the purchase criteria. (Registered partners are not eligible for AWR.)
    • We ship replacement products or spare parts to Gold or Platinum partner program participants without waiting for the returned defective part.
    • The AWR program is available 30 days after purchase. You should make any warranty replacement that is required within 30 days of purchase through your Intel Authorized Distributor. If your distributor isn't available, contact Intel directly.
    • You must return the non-functional or defective parts to Intel within 30 days of submitting the warranty replacement request. Failure to return in this time frame might result in a suspension of your AWR benefits.
    • The maximum allowable units for replacement at any given time under AWR warranty:
      • Gold Partners: Up to 6 units at any one time.
      • Platinum Partners: Up to 10 units at any one time.
    Note We can add to or change the AWR terms and conditions at any time. We can deny AWR support for any request that doesn't meet the AWR requirements. We can discontinue the AWR program once we give notice to AWR program participants.

    We process Intel® Platform Collaboration and Systems Division High Performance Compute Block system warranties through Intel Customer Support. For warranty service, contact customer support.

    Be sure to provide the system Product Code to the support agent.

What is a wear-out indicator?

The media wear-out indicator is a SMART (E9) attribute used for monitoring the media wear-out level of an Intel® SSD. You can read this value using the Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox.

What is physical damage?

The limited warranty doesn't cover damage to the product due to external causes. Learn how to avoid physical damage.

What's Covered?

What warranty support am I eligible for?

We reserve the right to repair, refund, or replace products covered by an Intel warranty.

What products does the Intel warranty program support?

Intel stocks the following products for warranty replacement purposes:

  • Intel® Boxed Processors
  • Intel® Desktop Boards
  • Intel® Workstation Boards
  • Intel® Server Boards
  • Intel® Chassis Subassembly Kits
  • Intel® NUC Boards and Kits
  • Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel® SSDs)
  • Selected Intel® Server Boards and Platforms
  • Intel® Wireless Network Interface Cards
  • Intel® Wireless Products and Xircom® Products
Note Replacement for Xircom® Products cannot be ordered online. Contact Intel Customer Support for Xircom warranty replacements.
If I purchase a secondhand processor, can I get warranty replacement?

No. We don't provide warranty replacement for secondhand processors. You can get a warranty from you point of purchase.

How does Warranty work at Intel? Learn more about How Warranties Work at Intel.

Warranty How-To’s

How do I use the Online Warranty and Support Tool?

This tool is only available for Intel® Technology Provider Program members. If you're not a member, first contact your place of purchase.

High Performance Compute block server systems aren't eligible for online warranty. Contact Customer Support to process warranty requests.

How do I register my Intel® product?

We don't require you to register your product. If you need a warranty support RMA, visit the Warranty Center.

How do I check if my Intel® product is still under warranty?

Check your warranty coverage by visiting our Warranty Center.

Spare Parts

What are the spare part fulfillment terms?

The spare part fulfillment term would follow the original system SN warranty eligibility unless the spare part was purchased individually. Please confirm the warranty period using the warranty checker or original invoice for the product for the warranty period.

The spare part is supported if the item is defective under the use conditions of the warranty of the product. Lost, or user-damaged parts are not eligible for warranty coverage. Contact support for further assistance.

Warranty Problem-Solving

Why can't I access the online warranty and support tool?

The online warranty and support tool is only available for Intel® Technology Provider Program members. If the tool is offline for maintenance, try again later. If the problem persists, contact support by email, phone, or chat.

Why didn't I get a confirmation email?

Our order management system is designed to automatically send confirmation emails to customers. Check your system for anti-spam software. It may automatically delete the confirmations we send you. Verify that your email address is correct.

How do I revise or cancel my warranty claim or return?

Contact Intel customer support. If you're an Intel® Technology Provider Program member, use chat. Where applicable, get a screenshot for your issue or concern. Examples include an error message, or data you're submitting before you encountered the error.

How do I report a problem when I submit a return or service ticket?

Contact Intel customer support. If you're an Intel® Technology Provider Program member, use chat. Where applicable, get a screenshot for your issue or concern. Examples include an error message, or data you're submitting before you encountered the error.

Shipping and Return

What information do I need to provide?

Be prepared to provide the following:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Intel® Technology Provider Program membership number (if member)
  • Your email address and telephone number
  • Your shipping address
  • Name of the product
  • For High Performance Compute block server systems provide the system Product Code (PROD CODE) to the support agent
  • Product part number
  • Serial number or SL code for boards or server products
  • Batch number (FPO) and serial number (ATPO) for processors
  • Serial number/secure serial number for SSD products
  • Description of the problem
Note Registered Intel® Technology Provider Program members and non-members are required to troubleshoot before we fulfill a warranty.
Where do I ship my product for a warranty replacement?

The order confirmation you get by email has all the return instructions you need, including the return shipping address.

When returning a faulty CPU, do I need to send the fan?

No. Don't return your fan. We scrap returned fans.

What is the estimated shipping time?

If you request and are eligible for an advanced warranty replacement (AWR), your replacement product ships the same day as the request. If you request a standard warranty request (SWR), your replacement product ships after we inspect your returned product for physical damage. Shipping times vary by region because of customs clearance, local shipping conditions, and availability of replacement parts. Once your product ships, the carrier sends you the tracking number.

How do I package my product?

We recommend you use original packaging when sending products. If the original packaging isn't available, you must package the product appropriately to prevent physical damage during shipping.

Here are links for packaging the different product types:


The warranty doesn't cover damage. We aren't responsible for products damaged before or during transit.

We aren't able to track or return user-installed components, or items included in the box. Don't send these items to the Warranty Center.

Packaging guidance:

Processor Motherboard/Single Motherboard or Multi-slot Solid State Drive
How do I interpret and fill out the return commercial invoice?

The return commercial invoice is a document required for a warranty return when shipping across international borders. The look of the commercial invoice differs based on your location. The image here should help guide you in completing the commercial invoice:

Product Replacement

How do I identify my product for a warranty replacement?

The following links provide images displaying product identification numbers for Intel® products.

Can I have my product replaced with a different one?

We replace a product with a like-for-like (same) product, not a different one.

How do I get a warranty replacement?

Contact Intel customer support or chat with an agent.

Do you replace engineering samples?

No. Engineering samples are pre-production units issued free of charge. These samples aren't entitled to warranty.

Refurbished Products

Will I get a brand new or a refurbished Intel® product?

Depending on product availability at the time of your RMA, you receive either a new or a refurbished product. All of our replacement units are guaranteed to perform the same as new units and are covered by the same Intel® warranty.

What is a refurbished product?

Refurbished products are usually electronics and electrical products that customers returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are tested for functionality and defects before placed back in the market. The manufacturer repairs refurbished products to ensure like new functionality.

What is the difference between used and refurbished?

The difference between refurbished and used products is that refurbished products are tested and verified to function properly, and are free of defects. Refurbished products may be:

  • Unused customer returns that are essentially new items.
  • Defective products that were returned under warranty. The manufacturer placed the products in market after repairing defects and ensuring proper function.
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