Intel® Galileo Firmware Updater Tool


Install & Setup



In order to get the latest features for Galileo, update the firmware. The firmware update can be performed using the Intel® Galileo Firmware Updater Tool.

Note If you have the microSD card inserted, make sure to power off the board and remove the card before you start the update process.

To use the firmware updater tool, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Intel® Galileo Firmware Updater Tool, making sure to select the right version for your operating system.

  2. Power on the Galileo board.

  3. Connect the board to the computer through the USB client port.

  4. Open the Intel® Galileo Firmware Updater Tool.

  5. Click the drop-down arrow for Port, and click the COM port that the board is connected to. Using this example, the board is connected to COM 28. When the correct COM port is selected, the firmware updater tool automatically displays the Current Board Firmware.
    Step 5 example image

  6. Once the board is recognized by the Intel® Galileo Firmware Updater Tool, click Update Firmware button. This starts the firmware update process. It can take several minutes to finish.

    Caution Icon
    Do not interrupt the process because doing so can damage the board.
  7. When you see this message, Target firmware successfully updated, click OK.
    step 7 example image

The current board version now displays 1.0.4.
example image