Connect to a Wireless Network via Linux* for Intel® Edison Boards





This guide will cover step-by-step instructions to connect your Intel® Edison to a wireless network via Linux. The Intel® Edison has a built-in Wi-Fi, and no additional hardware is required.

Run the following command to start wpa_supplicant:

systemctl start wpa_supplicant


Start wpa_cli to configure your wpa_supplicant file:



Run add_network #, if no network exists the network will be added as network 0. If a network exists it will use the next slot number. To remove a unused network run remove_network #.
Note: # = network profile

> add_network


Running set_network # ssid Network_SSID will add your network SSID to the network profile that is currently being configured:

> set_network 0 ssid "Your Network SSID"


Running set_network # psk Network_Password will add your network password to the network profile that is currently being configured.

> set_network 0 psk "Your Network Password"


Running enable_network # will start and attempt to connect to the network:

> enable_network 0


Type “quit” to exit wpa_cli:

> quit


To test your network connection, run the following command. To exit the test, press Ctrl + z:



The following is a screenshot of how the process should look.

The Process