Simple Web Server Wi-Fi Example for Intel® Edison Board


Install & Setup



This example creates a website with an On and Off button. When the On button is pressed the LED turns on, when the off button is pressed the LED turns off. We are using the code provided under the examples for Arduino* IDE 1.5.3.


  • Intel® Edison Compute Module
  • Arduino* expansion board
  • One LED
  • 220 Ohm resistor


  1. Using the wires, make the following connections:
    LED Arduino* Expansion Board 220 Ohm Resistor
    Positive side Pin 13  
    Negative side GND Connect

  2. Connect the power supply and the USB to USB port on the Arduino expansion board.
  3. Open Arduino IDE. Click Tools > Board and select Intel® Edison.
  4. Click Tools > Serial Port and select the Com # that the Intel® Edison Board is connected to.
  5. Click File > Examples > Wifi and select SimpleWebServerWiFi.
  6. Change the char ssid[] = yourNetwork with your network name.
  7. Change the char pass[] = secretPassword with your network password.
  8. Change the WiFiServer server(Port#); Chose a port number that is not used, port 80 is used by edison_config.service. Stop and disable edison_config.service if you want to use port 80.
  9. Click the upload icon.

Monitor the IP address in the Serial Monitor. On a device connected on the same network, open a web browser and go to the IP address displayed on the Serial Monitor.

If port 80 is being used by disabling the edison_config.service enter the address in the following format.

If the port was changed, enter the address in the following format:


simple web server Wi-Fi example

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