Recovering Intel® Edison if Password is Unknown





Try this solution suggested by msg4alex in Recovering from a bad Linux* image.

This method recovers your Intel® Edison if the password is unknown. Flashing the image deletes all data from Intel Edison, including content and settings.

Prerequisite: Set up the Intel Edison board drivers following Flashing Edison (wired) - Windows step 1 and 2.

  1. Download the Intel Edison Yocto complete image from Intel Edison - Software Downloads.
    Download Center

  2. Connect two USB cables and power supply to the Intel® Edison breakout board, or the Intel Edison board with Arduino* Expansion.

  3. Extract the Edison Yocto complete image zip file to Intel Edison volume in computer.
    Extract the Edison Yocto complete image zip file

  4. Open a serial connection using Putty or other client.

  5. Reboot the Intel Edison leaving the serial connection opened. When you start to see the boot up message press any key to stop autoboot.
    Reboot the Intel Edison

  6. Type run do_ota, the flashing process takes 2-3 minutes and Edison will reboot a couple of times.
    Type run do_ota

Once the flashing process completes the Intel Edison login prompt appears. Type in root and you should have access to Intel Edison.