How to Set Up a Wireless Card for Intel® Galileo Boards


Install & Setup



Downloading and setting up micro-SD

The micro-SD setup is mandatory for the wireless card to

  1. Go to the Intel Galileo Software and Downloads page.
  2. Under the Drivers section, click LINUX IMAGE FOR SD for Intel Galileo. You see a security message prompt. Save and extract files.

support and downloads

  1. After you extract the files, save files to a blank micro-SD card. The micro-SD card should look like the image.

micro-sd card directory example

  1. Insert the microSD card into the micro-SD slot on the Intel® Galileo Board.

Insert the microSD card

Installing wireless card to MiniPCI Express* slot

For the purpose of this tutorial, we use the Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 135.

  1. Assemble the wireless card with the aluminum plate, to help keep the wireless card in place on the Intel Galileo Board.

Assemble the wireless card

  1. Connect the antennas to the wireless card.

Connect the antennas

  1. Insert the wireless card in the MiniPCI Express slot. Once you insert the wireless card into the MiniPCI Express slot, press the wireless card gently towards the board until it locks in place.

Insert wireless card

Uploading and testing wireless card

This section shows you how to upload the example, then test the wireless card.

  1. Connect the USB cable from the computer to the USB Client port on the Intel Galileo Board.
  2. Open Arduino IDE 1.5.3.
  3. Under File > Examples > Wifi, select ScanNetworks.
  4. Click Tools > Board, select Intel Galileo.
  5. Click Tools > Serial Port, select the COM # where the Intel Galileo Board is connected to.
  6. Click the Upload button.
  7. Click Serial Monitor button to preview. The serial monitor screen prints out wireless signals detected.

serial Monitor screen